Jenny Grischuk

AKA "Mizz Marblez"



Seasons with Exit Glacier Guides: Rookie!


Role: Assistant Hiking Guide, Shop Intern

Jenny first came to Seward as a young lass. Journeying from New England, she spent the summer of 2012 working on a trail crew for Kenai Fjords National Park. We can all thank Pyper Dixon for being the first to give this youngin crampons and to lead her boldly onto Exit Glacier- an experience that left the wee babe awestruck and fueled her desire to come back to this magical place.

Though it took a few years for our young protagonist to get her priorities in order and return to Seward, she is here now and is stoked about it. When she is not peering into crevasses, Jenny can be found sipping coffee, examining rocks, dancing the night away, or bidding for a disc. 

Some of Jenny Grischuk's Adventures

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