2 day Ice Climbing Adventure

Put on crampons, pick up an ice tool, then go from climbing crevasses to soaring in a helicopter above moulins in 2 unforgettable days on this tour.

We at Exit Glacier Guides want each and every customer to walk away with a sense that they not only accomplished something unforgettable, but that their time with us was an unmatched tour experience.  Our Multi Day Ice Climbing Adventure aims to put you into the hands of our well-trained and knowledgeable staff for 2 days of glacier climbing bliss.

We spend the first day on Exit Glacier learning the ropes, climbing walls and crevasses.  An all day tour, we spend a ton of time on the glacier climbing, hanging out, and having fun.  If we pump out climbing then we either explore the glacier or climb in different spots all day.  Either way, we get to “chill” (sorry) on the ice for an extended time.

The next day we jump in the helicopter and fly to a remote glacier for some absolutely incredible moulin climbing. Moulins are huge chasms carved into the glacier by melt water flowing over the ice and funneling into weak points caused by crevasses and glacial movement (see photos).  This tour day is completely yours to dictate, as there are plenty of options and difficulties for you to choose from.  Come climb and play and have a blast!

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Essential Details

The 2-day time commitment follows the schedule of our Exit Glacier Ice Climbing trip and the Heli Assisted Ice Climbing trip.
Departure Time 
Minimum Age 
Trip Price 
$525 per person