Alaska Camping Trip In the Unlikely Glacier Valley

An amazing multi-day, Alaskan Camping and backcountry excursion in an isolated valley encircled with hanging glaciers and steep mountain peaks.

 The stunning Unlikely Valley is an untouched hidden gem that we are now able to access for overnight stays.  Using an R44 helicopter as transportation for this tour, we are dropped into an area that is far removed from any signs of human activity.

 Our camp is set up on the banks of a river whose water source comes from four beautiful glaciers that are right next to each other on the mountainside.  From camp we have hiking access to an alpine glacier, we can check out the views from some nearby peaks, and there is plenty of opportunity to wander around the trail-less backcountry.  In the evening,  our guide will prepare a gourmet backcountry meal.  

 In the morning, after a guide prepared meal, the helicopter flies the group around the mountain to another, much larger glacier for some Ice Hiking and/or Ice Climbing.  On this second day of the tour, we spend four hours on the surface of an amazing glacier, exploring as much of the ice as possible.  

 This fully outfitted overnight is an active and action packed tour that is guaranteed to amaze.  We provide the tents, cookware, food, daypacks, trekking poles and all technical equipment.  All you need to bring is your own sleeping gear, personal clothing suitable for Alaska camping, and belongings.  A good camera is a must!

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Essential Information

Two Days
Departure Time 
Minimum Age 
Trip Price 
$750/person for 2 people + $50/person for Ice Climbing, $700/person for 5 or more people + $35/person for Ice Climbing | All prices cover both days and all meals in the field.