Remote Peak Climbs

Come climb some of Alaska's most undiscovered and alluring routes.

Seward, Alaska is encircled by three large icefields, and we definitely have our fair share of amazing peaks to climb.  Accessed by either foot, boat, ski plane or helicopter, these mountains are rarely or never attempted and offer climbers a truly Alaskan mountain trip.  Here at Exit Glacier Guides, we can pour over a topo map to find a peak that would be suitable for your skill and commitment level, and then start planning your climb.  

Many of the peaks on the Harding Icefield are what we call Nunataks, which is a local native Alaskan word meaning “lonely peak”.  Quite a few of the Nunataks are ski mountaineering peaks and an attempt of climbing them can be coupled with a crossing of the Harding Icefield itself.  Call or email us to discuss some of these classic ski mountaineering possibilities, we love talking about Seward’s topography!